Your network down or running slow? Need to install new equipment or software on your network? System up to date and fully protected against the latest virus and malware? Data backed up regularly and secure?

Just want to talk about your IT needs with some real people without all that techno babble?
(We can talk about all the latest technology if you need us to!)
We understand that you just need an IT system that you can rely on while you take care of business. That is where we come in.
The team at PBC Systems provides a total solution to all your IT needs using only best in class vendor equipment and software, in a timely fashion
and within your budget:
  • PC and server repair & service
  • Custom PC and server design & build
  • Network infrastructure installation & support
  • Network printer installation & support
  • Software installation & upgrades
  • Anti-Virus protection & upgrades
  • Onsite data storage & back up
  • Cloud computing, storage and back up
  • On site and remote trouble shooting, service & support
Call us, we are happy to give you any help, we can with a FREE one hour consultation*.

*One time use only, cannot be repeated.